36 Degrees Celsius

For your comfort and safety and the safety of our staff, we do not operate at temperatures above 36 degrees Celsius. We will make every effort to schedule sessions around the hottest part of the day. Our team assesses the weather before each session, and if we have to cancel or postpone, you will be re-issued with a Rap Jumping Voucher. 


High bushfire risk parks and forests will close on Code Red days.

Code Red (and Catastrophic in other Australian states) is the highest level of rating in Victoria and it signifies the worst conditions for grassfires or bushfires. A Code Red Fire Danger Rating means that if a fire were to start:
  • it will be uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast moving
  • fire services will find it difficult to put out
  • there is a high likelihood that people in the path of a fire will be killed or seriously injured
  • homes are not designed or constructed to withstand in these conditions - even the best-prepared homes will not be safe
  • leaving high-risk bushfire areas the night before a Code Red Day or early in the morning of aCode Red Day is the safest option for your survival – do not wait and see

A Code Red day will be called no later than 1.00pm the day before, however, a Code Red can be called a number of days in advance which is why it is important to check the Fire Danger Ratings daily throughout summer.

The Rap Jumping Team will contact you if these options apply.